For Your First Meeting

When you arrive at The Jamrog Group, you can expect ample parking. Designated client parking spaces are along the side of the building. After you park, please enter through the front door. For our handicapped clients, we have designated parking at the rear of the building along with a ramp for anyone who may need it. You will typically be greeted at the door by Angela, our Executive Assistant, and often times our dog Paisley, who we have nicknamed our Director of First Impressions. Our office has a supply of beverages and light snacks and comfortable, private spaces where you will meet with our advisors. We look forward to welcoming you at The Jamrog Group.

In preparation for your first meeting, the below checklist and spreadsheets will help you to get organized. You can expect to receive an invitation from us before your meeting to create a log-in to our website where you can securely upload your statements and documents ahead of time. This is optional—alternatively, you can bring paper statements on the day of your meeting.

Jamrog Office Building

Income vs. Expenses Spreadsheets
Pre-Retirement Retirement


Checklist for Our First Meeting
Jamrog Office Building